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London Colliseum

Gilbert & Sullivan’s hilarious operetta Iolanthe is a satirical fantasy. Phyllis and Strephon wish to marry, but as Phyllis is a ward of court she requires the Lord Chancellor’s permission. The Lord Chancellor, however, wants her for himself.

Featuring a melodious score and brilliant wit, Iolanthe not only targets peers of the realm and the British system of government but also offers thinly disguised portraits of Queen Victoria and William Gladstone (Liberal PM of the day).

"Comment from one of you guys on the effect, show, process, that kind of thing. The headshot will be one of you guys but these are not easy to find unless Jez with

a spoon on his nose counts.

In the interest of needing to fill some more space, oddly enough when googling pics of Jez there are as many of me on the first page as there are of you lovely Jez."

‘If you're not crying with laughter, visit your GP’


The Arts Desk


‘A grand and gorgeous extravaganza’


The Telegraph


‘An all-round, knockout success’


Financial Times

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