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Freedom Flying have been supplying their own brand of ‘Fairy Dust​’ to productions since 2001 and continue to create flying effects that meet modern expectations whilst retaining the charm of traditional live Theatre, Opera and Dance


We have created flying effects all over the world and for numerous West End productions, UK venues and tours, smaller amateur productions and most things in between


We share long associations with many companies both in the UK and abroad.


In the past few years there have been more companies working in the performer flying industry than ever before, but with more than twenty eight years in the industry, we are confident that we can make our experience count. Lifting somebody off the ground can be the easy part, but getting the performer to look like they are flying can be another matter altogether!

Whilst understanding how important the flying equipment is to the effect, we are also very aware of the importance of the choreography, and are always looking to experiment with artists and choreographers to design new routines.

We can assure all of our clients that we only take on the number of projects that we know we can do, and do to an excellent standard.


We look forward to working with you.

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